ROBERT NICHOLSON (1920-2004)          

Robert is probably best known for the range of guide books he produced in the 1960's and 70's, particularly the London Streetfinder, the London Guide and the guide to the canals and waterways of Britain. He was retained as an editorial consultant after he sold his publishing company in the early seventies, so for some time the products continued to appear in the format and style originated by him. 

Behind the designer and cartographer however lay the traveller, explorer and painter who, now free of the pressures of publishing, spent his spare time in the lesser known parts of the Mediterranean, Canary Islands, Turkey, Greece and the Greek Islands. He loved hot sunshine and remote desolate places and this he chose to paint; hot arid landscapes; abandoned farmhouses left over from another age; white-washed semi-derelict villages; frozen in time lava flows and defunct volcanoes, scraps of primeval forest clinging to the sides of forgotten valleys.

Although increasingly reclusive as a painter, Robert continued over the last 30 years to paint the torrid heat and savage lines of the landscapes that provided his inspiration. Bold brush strokes, highly charged structure, movement and vivid colour all combining to capture the timelessness of the landscapes.