JOHN DUNCAN (1866 -1945)

Duncan was born in Dundee, Scotland. His father was a cattleman, but John had always shown both a disinterest in the family business and a propensity for visual art, so much that by the age of 11 he was already a prolific student at the Dundee School of Art. Called a madman by some and a mystic by others, Duncan admitted to hearing "faerie music" whilst he painted.

Although his work was strongly rooted in the Symbolist movement, he also drew upon the spirit of the Italian Renaissance and his close assosciation with the scottish biologist and sociologist Patrick Geddes to produce a collection of works filled with Celtic ornamentation and Byzantine Style. There is a certain graphical quality which sets it apart from his contemporaries and likens it to Art Nouveau.

While the subject matter is thoroughly Celtic Revival he is generally referred to as a "symbolist" by art critics.